About Project Cycle Ltd

Project Cycle is a multi-discipline consulting and project management firm made up of a team of young, talented and dynamic professionals with various expertise and experience.

We provide multi-disciplinary consultancy services in Construction, Facility Management, Information Technology, Business analysis and re-engineering.

Our business objective is to become a complete multi-disciplinary practise, putting together all the multi-disciplinary skills needed in delivering Clients projects. We provides: One team, one contract, one fee, one point responsibility, one sign off and one cohesive design delivery consultancy service through specialist individual attention and solutions required by an ever-changing project environment.

Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and worldwide experience in a variety of sectors such as, Construction, Real Estate, Facility Management, Healthcare, Education, Information Technology, Finance, Economic Development and Agriculture. We sees teamwork and in-depth understanding of our client’s needs and requirement on every project as the key success element in providing innovative designed solutions that keeps us a step ahead of our rivals. We add real value to our client’s projects both ethically and financially and so future proofing client’s investments.



To be the number one player providing construction, facility, IT and Business solutions to clients nationwide.


We are committed to continuous innovation, providing the highest quality  of services built on honesty and integrity and delivered with effective, creative and multidisciplinary expertise.

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism



We believe integrity is the cornerstone of all our business relationship. We are dedicated to providing high quality services to our client which is built on honesty and integrity and delivered with effective, creative and multidisciplinary expertise.

Our philosophy incorporates two main components:

  1. Globalization
  2. Continuous improvement and technology watch

Project Cycle is committed to continuous innovation. Project Cycle empowers all of its staffs to contribute ideas and solutions that help our clients to stay ahead of the competition.

Our research and development goals reflect a tradition of industry leadership. We want to be a company that displays the highest degree of professionalism and integrity when dealing with our clients while delivering the highest possible quality of services.

Lastly, our values determine how we will get to where we are going. This means using the values of excellent work, open mindedness, positive attitude, and teamwork to form the lens by which we view our work and make our decisions. With our values guiding our actions we know we will reach our destination.



Our Design and delivery approach, commitment to sustainability and culture of excellence are unique. Our clients benefit from our collaboration process and dedication to serving as trusted partners.

Design and delivery

We bring together experts from different discipline to work collaboratively as a single unit. This integrated approach simplifies the process of bringing projects to life.

Culture of excellence

Our culture of excellence extends throughout the organisation, influencing our approach to project leadership, the way our team collaborate with clients and our commitment to innovation.


Sustainability is a core value that infuses our practices. From planning to implementation, we embrace best practice in sustainability to enhance project design and delivery.